Missionary Ministry

Purpose/Mission Statement

The purpose/mission of this auxiliary is to be an organization designed to provide a scriptural avenue of service to women and men who wish to use their talents and resources to magnify the Lord. We aspire to encourage and strengthen each person's confidence and joy in Jesus Christ at all stages of their lives, and encourage personal spiritual growth through prayer, bible study and active service in our church and community. The Missionary Auxiliary is committed to advancing the Kingdom of God through evangelism, education, communication, and the application of Christ's love and the support of home, national and foreign missionary outreach endeavors.

Core Values

Lay Ministry - Because we value the contribution that every believer can make to the kingdom of God as they use the spiritual gifts that God has uniquely gifted them with.

Compassion - Because we believe that every human being has worth, we value each person and believe that everything has been given to us by God is to be used to meet the needs of others.

Evangelism - Because we value the souls of all men.

Ministry Leader

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Minister Idellya Hughely